Our company realizes that growth and transition can sometimes bring apprehension and new challenges. It also provides genuine opportunities for improving your tax liability position. The sooner you act, the greater your opportunity for refunds and exemptions.

Whether you are a small-to-medium sized restaurant or manufacturer, or a large corporate chain, the benefits of identifying specific opportunities, defining the challenge and implementing solutions outweighs the risks of delay. While serving as your Consultant, we will identify performance obstacles and create a plan to quickly achieve results so you can maximize your tax savings.

The Solution

Our approach is to provide a decisive and thorough assessment of your current tax liabilities, allowing you to consider what alternatives you may need to enhance and maximize your total tax deductions and liability position.

Together, we will develop the blueprint which will be used to achieve results.

NTC has the capability of offering you a total package, from first exemption, to renewal, as accounts change or expire through statute of limitations. Our goal is to ensure you are always receiving your exemptions on time and on-going.

Examples of services NTC can provide include:

  • Annual Analysis and Strategy
  • Maintaining all Current Exemptions
  • Account Payables Tax Review
  • New Utility Exemptions
  • Updating of Production Equipment
  • State Sales Tax Compliance
  • Rate Reviews
  • Tax Refund Minimization
  • Rate Contract Negotiation
  • Incentive Based Compensation Services

To learn how we can help you, please call (317) 403-8865.