Utility Tax Refunds

Your Company may already be aware of the Streamlined Sales Tax Act (SST) which has made many changes pertaining to the statute of limitations, machinery and equipment, refunds and exemptions. Many states have changed their language relating to equipment leased or purchased and rental exemptions. These new laws, regulations and changes may now allow you additional savings.

Changes also in statute periods have been implemented. In Iowa, for example, only two years ago the statute was five years; it has since been changed to three years. Iowa and other states now require a new utility analysis be submitted every three years in order to maintain your sales tax exemptions on utilities.

Many companies and consultants never apply for the exemption status, instead only request the refund. If that is the case with your company, NTC can obtain your exemption(s) by submitting the proper documentation prior to the statute of limitations period. The fee for this service can be negotiated.

Our company, National Tax Company was the first company in the United States to provide companies like yours with an alternative. It is often difficult to understand the laws, rules and regulations, what is and what is not exempt from taxes and how to file what forms to obtain your refunds. It was NTC who aided many states themselves in understanding what a utility analysis should consist of. We aided some states in determining what could or should be allowed as manufacturing equipment, where processing begins and where it should end. We argued and won many cases allowing new processes and equipment to be classified as M&E to further provide you with additional exemptions reducing the amount of sales tax you would otherwise pay.

Our proposal: when your statute period approaches its end, NTC would automatically renew your exempt status and supply each state with the proper documentation to substantiate your exemption to maintain a smooth uninterrupted exempt status.

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