Testimonial from Heartland Food Products Group, LLC

Derrick Goins
Heartland Food Products Group, LLC
4635 W. 84th St. Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268
November 21, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great professional respect that I write this reference letter on behalf of National Tax Company (NTC). I have come to know the NTC team during my tenure as Direct of Plant Operations and Controller for Heartland FPG.

I initially reached out to NTC concerning our sales tax exemptions on utilities. This was an aspect of our tax plan that had been neglected due to not having that level of expertise in-house. I had initially inquired to our contact at our natural gas provider and was immediately referred to Ralph and Austin Purcell at NTC.

During the initial meeting with NTC, I was impressed with the level of knowledge they brought to the table regarding the sales tax code as well as manufacturing in general. I took them out on a very extensive tour of both of our facilities and they were quick to point out items along the tour path that they felt confident supported our claim for sales tax exemptions. They also put us in touch with some contacts they had regarding other energy efficient strategies we could employ in the facility to operate more economically.

Administratively, they worked extremely well with our shared services team at our corporate office. We were allowed to go back a few years and apply for refunds from the state and the NTC team handled that process from the point that we delivered invoices to them all the way through getting refunds processed by the state.

Overall, we could not be any more pleased with the efforts of the team at NTC. They bring an extremely high level of knowledge to the engagement as well as an overarching level of professionalism and personal touch. If you have an opportunity to partner with them, I would highly suggest it.


Derrick Goins
Director of Plant Operations